The folks at the James River Filmmaker's Forum have invited Eric Miller to come and be on their panel! Each filmmaker will have an opportunity to show their their work. So Eric Miller will be showing TASTE THE BLOOD OF FRANKENSTEIN!

Sunday, Feb 7th 7:30p to 9:30p at Balliceaux 203 N. Lombardy St., Richmond, VA, 23220.

$3.00 at the door.

MARK OF THE DAMNED is going to air on Cinema Insomnia on October 24th, 30th and 31st!

Mr. Lobo, the host of Cinema Insomnia, has announced MARK OF THE DAMNED will be the Halloween show this year! He Will be showing it in 2 installments. The second one he will show twice! The first one will be airing on October 24th and 30th. Part 2 will air on October 31st!

So tell your friends! And remember Cinema Insomnia is on every Saturday at Midnight east coast on AMGtv and on the Cinema Insomnia website with live chat. Just go to the Cinema Insomnia to check it out.

MARK OF THE DAMNED is going to be on Creature Feature!


Count Gore De Vol the host of Creature Feature, seen here with Forest Ackerman, had this to say about MARK OF THE DAMNED:

" I plan on running "Mark of the Damned" beginning Oct. 24 and ending Nov. 7. So, it will be my Halloween treat for the viewers!"

Count Gore De Vol is the subject of a documentary titled Every Other Day Is Halloween. The documentary fallows his incredible career as a local TV multiple personality on channel 20 out of Washington DC and Internet horror host pioneer!

Eric meets Mr. Bradbury

Comic Con 2009
Comic Con 2009

Comic Con 2009.

Rick Spears and I had just finished checking out Artists alley and I was on my way to a panel on Buck Rogers when Rick calls me and says something like "Ray Bradbury is behind you."

So I double back and there he is! The small crowds around him aren’t exactly a line. Who goes next for an autograph or a photo isn't clear and there is allot of jostling. I wait long enough to get very nervous. Finally it's my turn and I hunker down next to his weal chair. I find Mr. Bradbury's in a great mood. It might have had something to do with the young lady who had her photo taken with him before me that he was reluctant to let go of.

I give Mr. Bradbury a copy of MARK OF THE DAMNED. He takes a second and looks at the case then gives the thing a great big kiss! After that we shake hands and he tells me how grateful he is for the gift and that he will watch it!

I was totally stunned for the rest of the day. Can't wait till next year.

A cinematic experience with Mr. Lobo

On the set of Taste The Blood of Frankenstein In July Mr. Lobo came back east to help us finish Taste The Blood of Frankenstein with a Rod Serling style intro but one thing led to another and we ended up with two new scenes. This movie is a monster.

TASTE THE BLOOD OF FRANKENSTEIN Production stills slide show!


Click here to see a slide show of production stills for the new movie we are now in production of titled TASTE THE BLOOD OF FRANKENSTEIN. It's a story about Igor and his master Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Quatermass's new brain, and Rev. Mather's fear...




Greetings, my friend. The following portion of this blog is a collection of weird stories about the unknown, the mysterious and the unexplainable. Stories beyond truth. Stories about the Amplified World. They may shock you. They may disturb you. We believe that is why you are here.


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Alien Earth-man

Earth-man: The title given a human living some place other than earth by the inhabitants of that place.

Bijak Colby's family have been colonists on planet Pierce 5 in the kingdom of * for generations.1
Their mode of conveyance was a crystalline family heirloom that had been designed by Jim Lock for the Maharaja Dasaratha Mehta in 1732 as a kind of telescope.
The Maharaja's observatory was famed for being far more wonderful than all five of Sawai Jaya Singh II's observatories.
One starry night, Lock's son and the Maharaja's daughters inexplicably got into the prism chamber of the telescope and vanished from our planet to the kingdom of * on Pierce 5.

In time a stable system was developed whereby the Mehta family maintained mutually beneficial trade with the kingdom of *. And owing to the foods and customs in the kingdom of *, the colonist's minds became attuned to new wavelengths of consciousness that have made the Lock/Mehta line alien everywhere.

This change was manifest in the contraptions made by these colonists. The Maharaja secretly implemented these things to make his city one of the most glorious cities in all India, and make the family of Mehta blessed for many lifetimes.

Colby's father, Tom Colby, entered the employ of the house of Mehta in 1890, and soon found himself a guest in the kingdom of * where he fell in love with the princess Sudeshna Mehta, whose husband had been eaten by a kind of laughing insect. It was in the kingdom of * that Sudeshna and Tom's child, Bijak, was raised,
with occasional visits to other
planets, including Earth.

Alchemical automation, the primary human industrial technique since the early 1800's, had marked the Earth as an increasingly unhealthy planet. (Especially it's implementation during the Earth's first world war.) So to stop the human race's estrangement from everywhere, the house of Mehta set their minds to influencing change. Yet no amount of influence could sway this haserdous planetary fervor.
But the Mehta family didn't entirely abandon hope as they abandoned the planet. They left young Bijak to see what could be done.

Bijak found himself in the Ragged Mountains of Virginia, leading a secret team of scientists in developing a means to defeat a new kind of super weapon: The storm bomb. A bomb that when detonated creates any number of isolated storms (sand storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) thereby crippling entire armies.

The impetus for the team was that the effect of the bombs detonation may not be isolated, and if widely used would affect a nightmare more dizzying than any formally known to the human brains of men.

did not have a conventional human brain, so he knew exactly what would happen. He set to work on the problem from two fronts: One. In the lab working on the problem of the bomb. Two. Crippling the Central Power's air fleet by himself.

Bijak had inherited the Earth colony contraptions that had been secured in the house of Mehta's mountain caves. From these and his singular know-how he built The Flying Suit.

The Flying Suit had a signature shark helmet, and a finned drive pack which was mounted on a possibly leather jacket. He refused to make more than one.

As the highflying Commander Colby he set about knocking the Central Power's airships out of the sky.

This heroic effort was ultimately undercut by tons of Storm bombs dropped on many hundreds of thousands of people all in one day, causing a metaphysical Armageddon that ripped away the tenuous barrier between the spheres, leaving the whole of human life on the Earth's surface prone to a blood hungry force bent on the payment man owed it for the years of alchemical automation.

Colby survived the cataclysm to find that the Fukogawa belt had made traveling to his home in the kingdom of * impossible.

During the years of reconstruction, Colby and his team focused on eradicating the Fukogawa belt while thwarting an array of plots for world domination concocted by evildoers.
Many of his celebrated exploits have been retold in the 85 Commander Colby masala movies.

Colby was an ace flier, but when he fought hand to hand he led with his chin and was often knocked unconscious. This could have been an attributing factor in his progressively antisocial behavior.
He would take unnecessary risks, usually while driving cars. His mood would quickly change from distracted or agitated to despondent and sullen. He rambled on and on about a previously unknown daughter in the kingdom of * whom he could see in the sunlight when it shone in a certain way. He'd feverishly make things, and go into fits of anguish when no one understood what the devices did. On the rare occasions when he went out, he would insist on wearing the shark helmet. This may have been to hide his scars and present an image the public could accept.
One day he put on the Flying Suit and set off to check something out. He never came back.

Footnote: 1. Formally known as 7856, in 1854 7856 was designated as Pierce 5 following the trend set in 1818 of naming astronomical bodies after the President in office at the time.
* is used here to abbreviate the name of the alien kingdom on Price 5. It can not be pronounced. It has been explained that any approximation would be detrimental for the people of this planet at its present level of consciousness.